The protection of your health is important to us. Our entire salon meets the strictest hygiene requirements in all areas. All employees are trained in the current standards and attach great importance to mutual protection during every service. You can trust it, relax and enjoy it.


Mouth and nose protection mask; please bring them to your appointment. Of course, you are also welcome to bring all other utensils (such as gloves, magazines and your own drinks) that contribute to your well-being during your visit.
Hand disinfection; Please disinfect your hands first after entering the salon, there is a hygiene station for you in the entrance area.
Keep distance; Please always keep a distance of 1.5 meters from other customers, as we still have to create a greater distance between customers, there will be restrictions on the number of customers who can be treated in the salon.
Waiting times; Currently, there may be short-term delays due to the increased hygiene measures, and if appointments overlap, you may have to wait outside. We ask for your understanding.
Please come alone; Since we are not allowed to exceed a maximum number of people in the salon, we ask you to come to your appointment without an escort.
Children’s haircuts; Please understand that the requirements mean that we are only able to serve the children who can stay alone in the shop, have their hair washed and leave the mask on during the treatment. Of course, we will discuss your wishes with parents in advance.
Blow-dry yourself; Also ordered by the authorities, you are no longer allowed to blow dry your hair yourself, we will be happy to do this for you.

One more thing…….
Health; We make sure that all employees in our salon feel healthy and are symptom-free. For our mutual protection, we also ask you to postpone your visit to a later date if there are any indications. Thank you very much!
At the moment, each of our customers has a completely individual “comfort zone” for personal protection. If you have any special requests that go beyond our very high standards, please contact us in advance by telephone.